Cecilia Middagh

I have known Jesus Gomez, owner of ASPEN Builders, for over 40 years. He has not only been a good family friend, but also an honorable man whom I have entrusted to do several major remodeling projects in my home. It is with great pleasure and confidence that I write this letter of recommendation.

Not being a very creative person, nor being very adapt at visualizing a final project, I have always been able to trust Jesus’ decisions in many matters. He inquires if a certain color or style would be to my liking, and we go from there. Invariably, he has been able to design and construct all of the projects to my delight.

His work is done to perfection and rarely needs touch up, he us the one to notice, and the job is done immediately. The job site has always been left at the end of each day, which is very important to a client, and to me.

Jesus has given me time lines for the jobs he has done and has reasonably met those time lines without fail. I’ve heard horror stories from friends who have had other contractors do work in their home, but Jesus has always followed through with his promises.

I highly recommend, with confidence, Jesus Gomez of ASPEN Builders, for any construction job as he and his crew are the only people who have done, or will do any work for me in the future.